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Proprietor and Chef de Cuisine
Anna Hogan

Proprietor and Chef de Cuisine Anna Hogan has dreamed of owning her own shop since she was a child. Born in Alaska and raised there in her early years eating out was limited.  At age three, yes three we have the pictures to prove it, she began cooking with her Mom (a San Francisco native) and Dad( Jacksonville,Or native) Dad covered teaching hearty Sunday brunch basics while Mom covered the secrets of old family recipes. Anna cooked with her mother nightly dinners....everything made from scratch. Tacos. Chow Mein. Swedish Meatballs. bolognese. Seafood Casserole. Chardonnay Poached  Salmon with homemade béarnaise....."whisk whisk whisk" she would say. Her Mom cooked everthing that reminded her of the city.

She moved to San Francisco at age 12 and thats when the real dreaming began. Surround by such a diverse amount of food enriched her knowledge of food. Grandma overlooked annas techniques while throwing dinners parties where Anna learned the art of entertaining. Growing up in San Francisco allowed a diverse knowledge of GREAT food. She started working in restaurants at 18 always as a server but watching the kitchen intently. After college she moved to New York and worked for the best of the best. Still as a server. In 2008 she moved to the rogue valley to be. Close to her family and enjoy a slower pace of life......who would have seen it coming? After running kobe modern Japanese restaurant for 5 years she opened Salame plaza bistro and was reunited with a face paced life. Her dreams were realized.

Anna believes in cooking with love. She can often be heard in the kitchen sayin, this love food ... I cook my food with love. zest
47 North Main • On the Plaza • Ashland, Oregon • 541.708.5881
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